Join us on August 15th for a community gathering and panel discussion

We’ve been spending a lot of time in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and we are proud to be a part of this region that is blanketed with rich farm land and is home to some amazing innovators and exciting economic development activities and resources.

On Thursday August 15th 2019, we are inviting those in and around the area - to join us for a community gathering where we’ll be having a conversation on the relationship we have with food. Whether you are chipping away at our food systems in the work you do - or consider yourself to be a foodie, we would like to invite you share any curiosities, questions, concerns, barriers and insights that are on your mind when it comes to strengthening our relationship with our food. Register here.

To get the conversation going, we along with Ivan Wadgymar of Maizal, Lynn Broughton of Taste Detours and Sarah Duignan of AnthroDish - will get us thinking about the status of “foodies”, where it’s headed, where it might need to go and how we all can play a role.

While each of them have unique and captivating stories when it comes to their own relationship with food and where it has taken them - we know that others (including you) do as well. And so, we want to provide more opportunities for people to contribute to the discussion - which will shape our collective understanding of what challenges exist and frame how we might approach chipping away at them.

The dependency of (and some sort of relationship) with food is something that we all have in common. We want to know what challenges you experience, what strengthens your relationship with food, any concerns you have, what your goals are and what it is you’d like to learn more about. Attendees will also have be able to submit questions (upon registration) that they’d like for us to explore as a group - at this and future gatherings.

We Are All Foodies gathering No. 1 on August 15th will be hosted at 10C (42 Carden Street) - an amazing facility and resource located in the heart of downtown Guelph that houses change makers across all sectors. 10C is located steps from the Guelph Central GO Station - for those of you coming from surrounding areas and who might want to take the train in. Those driving, we recommend carpooling if you can - and invite some friends/family members/peers - to help reduce emissions.

We look forward to meeting you on August 15th! Grab your spot here.

The DIG Team

About We Are All Foodies

We Are All Foodies is one of the ways we will be bringing people together to discuss, share, learn about and improve our relationship with food. Learn more at

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