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Let’s remind ourselves of the power of ecosystems.

We spent some time this past weekend with some incredible farmers and eco-biologists - who not only carry a great deal of deep expertise, intelligence, knowledge and skills in their domain. They are also at the front lines of the impact of climate adaptation. These engagements are those that increasingly reinforce the importance of putting agriculturalists first - but also leveraging what we know of how ecosystems work, as a model to drive change and sustainable growth.

We didn’t invent the fabric of modern technology. They are models of things we already know. It’s time to remind ourselves of how computational systems work, by reminding ourselves of how ecosystems work. And to remind ourselves of how ecosystems work, by reminding ourselves of how computational systems work.

It is time to channel it towards solving our global food supply chain crisis.

Although, modern technology is extremely powerful - let’s be real. It is not a magic pill. Its capabilities are dependent on many factors, including the input of data points collected, the environment it operates within - and the skills, experience and perspectives of those who use it. Access to technology to those who carry the head-heart connection, deep mastery and experience monitoring and nourishing our natural resources - and cultivating the food we all consume - is going to be critical.

We see technologies as tools that can be added to the toolbox to help us solve complex problems. While this is not new, we must apply our modern technologies - to address the complex issues we face today. One that impact us all is keeping us fed and the state of our food supply chain.

One of these technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). For example AI and ML can enable us to make climate-smart decisions - while ensuring that we contribute to the regeneration of our soils.

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