It's happening. The FIRST D.I.G Lab + Hub

It’s happening.   Connect with us directly , if you would like to get involved.

It’s happening. Connect with us directly, if you would like to get involved.

There is this intelligence that exists within the most complex piece of “technology” out there - called biology. Layers upon layers of algorithms that weave together masterfully. There is truly nothing like it. The sheer brilliance of life.

And then there has been the evolution of modern technology that has erupted and embedded itself everywhere. All industries are technology-driven. It has been leveraged to shed light on blind spots, expand knowledge and perspectives, build connections and power communications. We have an increased access to these tools, platforms and frameworks that enable us to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

So..if technology’s purpose and potential is to help solve problems - let’s try this one on for size.

By 2050 (that's...only 31 years from now), we will need to feed 9 billion people - bringing the demand for food to be 60% greater than it is today. With population rates climbing, rising temperatures turning the world's landmass in to deserts, food prices skyrocketing and the rapid degradation of soil - farmers are left in a very tough spot. All signs are pointing to a troubled future for global food security.

The way we see it, this is a problem worth solving. It is one that impacts every single one of us - whether we are aware or choose to acknowledge it or not.

It is time to look after the first caretakers of land and the food supply chain. Let’s take care of the industry that feeds us.


So, it’s happening.

We’ve been making moves. In fact, we’ve officially submitted our offer to purchase the property.

Our community lab and innovation hub is where disruptive innovation in AgTech, FinTech, DesignTech and CleanTech will be sparked and fostered. It is a place where curiosity, imagination, exploration and experimentation is encouraged.

Inspired by the demonstration farm at the National Institute of Rural Development, in Hyderabad, India - we will provide access to our lab, educational programs, capital and technologies to agriculturists, researchers, technologists to increase productivity in farming and mitigate challenges related to climate adaptation. We plan on working with farmers who carry the mastery of agriculture and are directly impacted by the challenges relating to climate adaptation to help build resilience and sustainability in the global food supply chain.   

In all honesty, we don’t feel we have much of a choice. The increasingly apparent need has simply validated the choices we have been making. As we’ve been chipping away at the critical details of this project - we are confident that we are heading in the right direction and are feeling optimistic about our future.

We think those are good indicators - or we just might be crazy. Both of these things might be true.

This is personal. We are all “foodies”

Our well-being is an outcome of our environment: including what we breathe in, what we experience, what we eat. We require food for survival and nourishment - and it is the backdrop - or to some, the centre - of great conversations, debates and connections.

This is not just about farmers. It is about us. It is about you.

And this is not just about the future generations to come. It is about this very lifetime.

This is not about Guelph, Ontario or Canada. It is about our Global Food Supply Chain.

We see a future where the complex intelligence that exists within our earth works with the power of modern technologies - to save the world.

We cannot do this alone, nor would we want to. We are actively seeking sponsorship and are raising capital. Connect with us directly, if you would also like to learn more.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for our Kickstarter Campaign. Even better, be notified of it by joining our mailing list (scroll down this page) once we push it live.

Carolyn from The DIG Team

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